Blessings of Water

Blessings of Water

The abundant water stored in the mountains and forests not only moistened people and fields, but also created beautiful nature.
The mountain surface, which has been carved over many years, has become magnificent valleys, waterfalls, and strange rocks that entertain our eyes today.


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The Recommended Places to Visit

    Jakuchi-kyo Gorge

    There are many abyss, strange rocks and waterfalls, creating a beautiful landscape with the primeval forest. Among them, Goryu Waterfall, which is designated as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan, is famous, and the number of visitors is endless constant. And Jakuchi River has been seen as one of the 100 best waters.

    Usa, Nishikimachi, Iwakuni
    About 70 minutes from Iwakuni IC via Prefectural Routes 2 and 434

  • Yasaka-kyo Gorge

    The highlight of Yasaka-kyo Gorge is the varied terrain formed by rare unique rocks and monster stones due to the erosion of running water granite. The promenade is well maintained and is visited by many tourists during the fall foliage season.

    Daisaburo Miwamachi, Iwakuni
    About 25 minutes from Iwakuni IC via Prefectural Routes 111 and 186

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