Yamashiro no Sato

YAMASHIROInformation of the Region

Shiki no Aji Yamashiro no Sato四季の味 山代の里

* The locals don't speak English regularly, but they are ready to welcome you and convey the fascination of Yamashiro.

We sell handmade local specialties

Yamashiro no Sato is a shop that sells vegetables and handmade processed products grown by local residents.
Typical products are “Anko sushi” – named because the ingredients are contained in vinegared rice like bun’s bean paste, which is a specialty of the Hongo area, “Yakon jam” which uses yakon, which is said to be good for health,  and Rice sweets “Kakimochi” that have received local brand certification. There are many things that can only be tasted here. And for your interest, please come and visit us. We welcome you!
We only produce small quantities by hand, so when the products are sold out, the store will close before 12:00. You can come in the morning.


  • Address: 1694-1 Hongo, Hongo-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi
  • TEL: 0827-75-2100
  • Business hours: Business hours: Wednesdays and Saturdays 8:00-12:00
  • Access: About 40 minutes by car from Otake IC / Iwakuni IC
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