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Nishimura Shoten Co., Ltd.西村商店

* The locals don't speak English regularly, but they are ready to welcome you and convey the fascination of Yamashiro.

If you need housing maintenance – you may contact us.

Replacement of kerosene and propane. You can leave us to doing everything about the house, such as house repair, remodeling, and equipment construction. Experienced staff will carefully make the best proposals to you. And if there is gas and water problems we will handle it. So feel free to contact us as a handyman in your home.


  • Address: 631 Shibukuma, Miwa-machi, Iwakuni-shi, yamaguchi
  • TEL: 0827-96-1131
  • FAX: 0827-96-0678
  • Access: About 25 minutes by car from Iwakuni IC via Prefectural Road 111
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