Nishiki Sanpin Station

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Nishiki Sanpin Stationにしき産品ステーション

* The locals don't speak English regularly, but they are ready to welcome you and convey the fascination of Yamashiro.

Nishiki’s specialty products and fresh vegetable sales office and rest space

The Nishiki Product Station – we are located in the shopping street of the Hirose district, and sell konjac, wasabi pickles, wasabi buds, side dishes, which are special products of Nishikimachi,  and also Japanese and Western confectioneries.
There are restrooms and rest areas, and tourist information is available for you. Using it as a resting place for touring and cycling is a good idea. And the shopping street where we are located is a place where you can enjoy a little nostalgic cityscape of Japan. It can be a fun experience to walk while looking for something you care about, such as the signboards of shops and the old design mailbox.


  • Address: 6695-4 Hirose, Nishiki-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi
  • TEL: 0827-72-3180
  • FAX: 0827-72-3180
  • Business hours: Business hours: 9:00-17:00 Regular holiday: 2nd and 4th Tuesday
  • Access: A 4-minute walk from Nishikicho Station on the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line / In front of the Hirose bus stop of Iwakuni Seikatsu Kotsu Bus (several time a day from Nishikicho Station)
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