Mikamoto Kingetsudo

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Mikamoto Kingetsudo三家本錦月堂

* The locals don't speak English regularly, but they are ready to welcome you and convey the fascination of Yamashiro.

Affordable and timeless Japanese shop of sweets loved and ownerd in the area

It’s a long-established Japanese confectionery shop founded in 1933 in Nishikimachi Hondori Shopping Street, which sells authentic local confectionery at reasonable prices. In addition to Japanese sweets, Western sweets such as cookies are also avairable, and bread too every Monday and Thursday. There are plenty of seasonal products, and you can enjoy different flavors each time you visit.

Ayu Monaka
Autumn special: Sweet Potato Tart
Spring special: Strawberry Mochi

Small confectionery museum

The show window on the wall is lined with the sweets making tools used at the time of establishment. The appearance of calculating with a five-ball abacus, which is rarely seen nowadays, is also a feature of our shop.

Products – Ideal for Nishiki souvenirs

Ayu Monaka(upprer left photo): It imitates sweetfish, red-bean‐paste filled wafers which made from rice powder, a specialty of Nishikimachi.
Wasabi yokan and Wasabi cookie(this photo): Spiciness of wasabi in the sweetness of confections is very addictive – even to me.
Beppin Manju: Using sake lees from the local sake “Kuromain”


  • Address: 6552 Hirose, Nishiki-machi, Iwakuni-shi, Yamaguchi
  • TEL: 0827-72-2520
  • Business hours: Business hours: 7:30-18:00 Closed on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
  • Access: About 6minutes on foot from Nishikicho Station on the Nishikigawa Seiryu Line/ 45 minutes by car from Iwakuni IC via Route 187
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